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Old Town Cemetery Reports

·         Old Town Cemetery Annual Report 2023

·         Old Town Cemetery Annual Report 2022

·         Old Town Cemetery Annual Report 2021

·         Old Town Cemetery Annual Report 2020

·         NC State site form for the Old Town Cemetery

·         NC State site form for the Elizha Battle Cemetery

·         1996 Elisha Battle Cemetery Archeological  Assessment

·         2022 GPR Survey Elisha Battle Cemetery

UNC Libraries: Battle Family Papers, 1765-1955   


Wedding Announcements

·         Gaston Battle and Bettie Plummer Wright - Nov 2. 1897

·         Westray B. Boyce and James R. Nicholas – Aug 9, 1952

Sketches of Old Halifax by Armistead Gordon (Given by Lunsford Long to UNC after receiving it from Cousin Ellen Daniel Faucett Cooper from Henderson)

Cool Spring Plantation - One of Finest Edgecombe Ante‐Bellum Homes Burned to Ground in 1889

The History of Westrayville

Rebuilding of the Barracks in Tarboro, NC 2020


·         Will of Samuel Westray 1827

·         Will of Sarah Bradford Westray 1838 (mother-in-law of James S. Battle)

·         Cox inheritance, pgs 1-2 by WSB

·         Cox inheritance, pgs 3-7 by WSB

·         Last Will of William Smith Battle

·         Last Will of William Smith Battle transcribed by ACL

·         James Smith Battle Instructions to his children after his death

·         Last Will and Testament of Turner W Battle 1890 

·         Last Will and Testament of George Gordon Battle 1948

·         Last Will of Jacob Battle 1913

·         Last Will of Lavinia Bassett Battle 1904

·         Last Will of John Sumner 1755 (father-in-law of Elisha Battle)

Letters and Other Correspondence

·         Battle Crest

·         Battle Crest documentation

·         Article about Madelon Battle Hancock(Glory) in Connector Publication 2004

·         Battle History according to Aunt Jane (wife of SWB)

·         Correspondence between H.B.Battle & EDB about Battle Book

·         Quote about Robert E Lee from Wesley Lewis Battle in a May1863 letter

·         March 1873 letter from L. Dancy, pg 1

·         March 1873 letter to WSB from LL Dancy, pg 2

·         Memoriam to Hyman L. Battle pgs 1 and 2

·         WSBattle campaign article in Southerner

·         1776 letter from Colonel Nicholas Long to General Jethro Sumner - This letter was found in the archives of UNC and is a letter from Nicholas Long to Jethro Sumner during the Revolution (1776). Nicholas Long is an ancestor of everyone in Tables B and C and Jethro Sumner is the first cousin of Elizabeth Sumner Battle, the wife of Elisha.  Both ended up Generals in the Revolution and the daughter of Jethro Sumner left the money for the construction of Christ Church Raleigh.

·         1970 Letter from Mamie Battle to Ritchie (Mrs. T. Westray) Battle


Rocky Mount, NC

                View of Rocky Mount, NC in 1907

Rocky Mount Mills

Rocky Mount Mills NCPedia by David A Norris

                Rocky Mount Mills Historic Mill Village

                UNC Libraries: Rocky Mount Mills Records, 1804-2007

                Rocky Mount Mills put City on the Map

Rocky Mount Mills, 1818 – 1943, [Nash County, NCGenWeb Project]

Capital Broadcasting buys Rocky Mount Mills (See photos)

                PDF of Book on Rocky Mount Mills, Spinners of High Grade Ply Yarns

ECU Library: History of Rocky Mount Mills, a case history of industrial development, 1818-1943

Stonewall Manor

Oakwood Cemetery Website



NC Pedia



·         Battle, Kemp P

·         Battle, William Horn

·         Cox, William Ruffin

·         Long, Westray Battle

·         Rocky Mount Mills

·         Battle Hall

William Horn Battle

·         William H Battle, UNC's First Professor of Law

·         UNC School of Law Article on William Horn Battle

·         Book: Reports of Cases at Law, argued and determined in the Supreme Court of North Carolina, Vol 1 by Thomas P Devereux and William H Battle

·         Letter about William Horn Battle from S F Mordecai to Thomas Hall Battle 1927

Kemp P Battle

·         Kemp Battle's History of Raleigh Speech at the Centennial Celebration

·         NC State Treasurer - Kemp P Battle

·         Personnel of the Convention of 1861 - Google Books

·         Address on the History of the NC Supreme Court by Kemp P Battle

·         Kemp P. Battle (Kemp Plummer), 1831-1919. History of the University of North Carolina. Volume I: From its Beginning to the Death of President Swain, 1789-1868

·         Kemp P. Battle (Kemp Plummer), 1831-1919. History of the University of North Carolina. Volume II: From 1868 to 1912

·         Saint Augustine's University Founders (Incorporators) 2014

Herbert B Battle

·         North Carolina. Board of Agriculture. North Carolina and Its Resources.

William James Battle

·         In Memoriam William James Battle - The University of Texas 1956

·         William James Battle – Office of the President – The University of Texas at Austin            

·         Battle Hall in Austin, TX – named after William James Battle

·         A Guide to the William James Battle Papers, 1870-1959

·         William James Battle Commencement Speech - 1917

“Glory” Madelon Battle Hancock

·         Letters from Glory Hancock (Click on the link.  In the Search box, type “Glory Hancock”, and press Enter. You should see about 14 letters from Glory Hancock.)

·         Glory” Battle Hancock Heroine of the Great War

 Dr. Samuel Westray Battle

·          Dr. Samuel Westray Battle delivered the Vanderbilt's only child, Cornelia (who later inherited Biltmore House)

·         Mountain Xperss Asheville Archives: ‘More than a citizen’, posted on September 26, 2017 by Thomas Calder

George Gordon Battle

·         In Memoriam Martha Bagby Battle 1954 (wife of George Gordon Battle)

·         Time Magazine Article on George Gordon Battle and Uncle Dan Hill 1933

·         The State April 15, 1939 - Article on George Gordon Battle

·         New Yorker Article March 11, 1933 on George Gordon Battle

Turner W. Battle

·         Battles Fought and Won: The Legacy of Turner W. Battle

Nell Gupton Battle

Newspaper articles

·                 Nell G Battle Retirement.pdf

·                 Nell G Battle Portrait.pdf

Westray Battle Boyce Long

·         Junior Historian article on Westray Battle Long – director of the Women's Army Corps, 1945-1947

·         NC Highway Marker -  Director of the Women's Army Corps, 1945-1947. First woman honored with Legion of Merit, 1944.

·         WAC’s Colonel Westray Battle Boyce—A Proud North Carolinian


Senlac Battle House

·         Senlac Battle House

·         Senlac Battle House – Carolina Alumni Review Article on where UNC Presidents lived

·         Location of Battle Hall in Chapel Hill, NC

·         Senlac Battle House in 2023 – The NC Study Center


Battles on the UNC Board for 119 Years

Marion Somerville Battle Sr –

Thomas H Battle – First President of NC Bankers Association Highway Marker

Kemp Davis Battle

Battle Winslow Law Firm 100 Year Anniversary

Raleigh Centennial Hall of Fame

Kemp P Battle Application

Twin County (Edgecombe and Nash, NC) Hall of Fame

-          Thomas Hall Battle

-          Kemp Davis Battle

-          Hyman L. Battle

-          Nell Gupton Battle

-          Meade Bridgers Horne

-          John M. Mebane Jr. (Board of Directors)

Biographical history of North Carolina from Colonial Times to the Present,  Volume 6  By Samuel  A. Ashe, Stephen B Weeks, and Charles L Van Noppen Volume VI

·         Includes information on

-          Elisha Battle

-          James Smith Battle

-          William Horn Battle

-          Kemp Plummer Battle

-          Thomas Hall Battle

-          Herbert B Battle

-          Richard H Battle

-          William Smith Battle

-          Samuel Westray Battle

-          Jacob Battle

-          George Gordon Battle

Narrative on Old Town

Birthday Tributes

Tribute to Dr. Ed Eatman on his 85th Birthday - 1992

Tribute to George Eatman on his 50th Birthday - 1996



-          Download PDF of Elisha Battle Family Tree

-          Download PDF of Exum Lewis Family Tree

-          Download PDF of Taylor Family Tree(password protected. Same password as TheBattleBook)

-          Descendants of Charles Anderson -  Lavinia Daniel Battle's ancestor, Charles Anderson who was gr-grandfather of Bassett Stith. He was rector of Westover Parrish and a friend and correspondent of William Byrd II.

-          Miles Cary Genealogy (Miles Cary is an ancestor of the Turner Battles (table B) as well as the Oxford Taylor family (table C).  Since Comm. General Nicholas Long is an ancestor of both tables B and C, his line is documented here.)


-          Genealogy Charts from Mary Weddell Battle (wife of Thomas Hall Battle). These are large files.  If password protected, it’s the same password as TheBattleBook.

Blount and Blunt 935AD to 1800

Chart_James Blount 1600 to Weddells 1900

Family of Weddell George Weddell 1700 to 1900 (Clearer but no Mebane/Shannon) (password protected)

Family of Weddell: George Weddell 1700 to Mebane/Shannon 1960s  (password protected)

Henry Baker 1600s to Mebane/Shannon/Harriss/Head/Gaither 1960s (password protected)

MacNair 1700s to Mebane/Gaither/Harris/Head 1900s  (password protected)

Richard Skinner 1700s to Mebane/Week/Bobbitt/Winslow 1900s (password protected)

Thomas H Battle/Mary N Weddell – 14 Generations With George Durant (password protected)


Battle Family Blog


2012 Battle Reunion Information

-          REUNION 2012 Information

-          Google Map of Reunion Locations