The Battle Book Updated on the Internet

·      Easy access/reference for all cousins

·      Connect and stay in touch with cousins

·      Low cost way to keep current compared to publishing hard copy


Phase I

·      Keep it simple

·      Put the information online ASAP

·      Replicate the 2000 Battle Book Updated with 2011 info

·      Spread the word, get feedback, updates

Phase II

·      Add more information/updates

·      Add Links and more, better pictures

·      More information from the original Battle Book

·      Blog for current events (current events, births, weddings, obits)


Phase III (2016)

·      Add original The Battle Book to the website.

·      Scan The Battle Book from 1930.

·      Make available by chapter or in its entirety.


Building the Website

·      Started in 2009

·      “This will be easy, just take the source to The Battle Book Updated, use the publisher’s software, generate a file, and put it on a website.”

·      After months of looking, the publisher couldn’t find the source.

·      George found source to the words. It was a text file with no pictures

·      Tools: Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat

·      Numbering and indentation

·      Removed the index (too much work), but the book is searchable.

·      Lots of proofreading and corrections.

·      Added updates

·      Pictures

o  Scanned pictures (George had lots of originals from 2000)

o  Planned to include all pictures in the PDF file, like The Battle Book Updated.

o  The PDF file size got too big to download, so we split the pictures from the book.

o  Chose Picasa to manage pictures

§  People can view/download/print pictures from Picasa.

·         Website

o for the name.

o for web hosting.

Implications of online personal information

·      Battle Book has names, birth dates, marriage info, where born, children’s names, mother’s maiden name

·         Potential identity theft

·         Should we get permission from everyone to put their info online?

·         Consulted with several people and looked for examples

·         Decided to password protect any personal information, especially for living people


How to use website

·      Software Required

o  Browser

-     Foxfire (I suggest installing the add on Adblock Plus)

-     Internet Explorer

-     Chrome

o  Adobe Reader (It’s free)


·      Genealogy

o  Click on the family Crest to download zip file (a container for the document with password access)

o  When prompted what to do with this file, select Open with Windows Explorer and click OK

o  When Windows Explorer opens, double click on BattleBookUpdated

o  When prompted, enter the password and click on Enter

o  Adobe Acrobat should start and open the BattleBookUpdated.pdf document.

o  To save a copy on your PC,

-     Click on the File tab on the top left of the screen.

-     Click on Save As …

-     Choose a directory for the file and click on Save

o  Adobe notes/options

-     To search for text

·      Use the search box.  If the search box isn’t visible on the top of the screen, click on Edit at the top left and click on Find.  Once you’ve entered text, use the icons to the right of search box to look for the next occurrence or search backwards.

-     Different views

·      To display 2 pages, click on View on the top toolbar, hoover the mouse over Page Display and click on Two Up.

·      To use more of the screen, click on View, and click on Full Screen Mode.  Press Esc on the keyboard to return to normal mode.

-     If you prefer a table of contents on the left of the page, click on the “Bookmarks  “ icon to the left or the document text.


(We need new pictures and updated ones)  

o  Rocky Mount Mills

o  Stained Glass Windows (Battle related)

o  Old Town Plantation and Cool Spring

o  Battle Family Dwellings

o  Table A Descendants

o  Table B Descendants

o  Table C Descendants

o  Battle Family Reunion 2012


How to use pictures

-     On main page, click on the picture of Rocky Mount Mills

-     Click on any Gallery of pictures to view.  For example, click on Battle Family Dwellings.

·      For a slideshow, click on the Slideshow icon at the top right.

·      To download one picture,

o  Click on the picture to select it.

o  Click on Download at the top and follow the directions.

·      To download an entire gallery, you need to install Picasa on your PC.  It’s free from Google.

·      While viewing one picture,

o  Use the left and right arrows to view all pictures in the gallery.

o  Use the Share icon to send an email with this picture

o  Use

o  Use the full screen feature to see a bigger image.

o  Note, if the original image is small, you can’t make bigger.

o  Details about the picture size and other information appears to the right side of the screen.


Additional Links (Samples from several sources)


o  Cool Spring Plantation Article from Rocky Mount Telegram

o  Narrative on Old Town (source Chris Wilson)

o  “Glory” Madelon Battle Hancock (UNCG letters and newspaper article)

o  Kemp Battle’s  History of Raleigh Speech (Google Books /Harvard Library)

o  Several Wikipedia articles (If you create a Battle related Wiki article, let me know).